The Mentorship Program began in 2020 as an effective way to welcome new members into the CSD Spirit Squad. The program creates a strong group of leaders who work together to build an inspiring and supportive environment, bonds that will last a lifetime, and unforgettable memories.


Members of the CSD Spirit Squad take an Inter/Junior student under their wing, mentor them, and show them a behind-the-scenes view of the CSD Spirit Squad. The mentors provide tips and tricks for their mentees to understand how to maintain an encouraging and exciting studio atmosphere. Mentors create bonds with their mentees, making the transition from inter students to senior students less intimidating and offering them advice on their dance training. The mentorship program is entirely voluntary; although, it requires a high amount of commitment. It’s a great way to get more involved in our dance community!


The Mentorship program is currently only available to Full-Time Competitive students interested in community involvement within CSD! CSD staff and the CSD Spirit Squad select students who are old enough to apply for the Mentorship Program and students who show an interest and could benefit from it all. The CSD Spirit Squad invites these students to submit an application, where the students write a paragraph about why they want to be a part of the Mentorship Program! CSD staff and the CSD Spirit Squad review all applications and decide who will join the program. (The number of participants may vary).

If you have any questions about the Mentorship Program, please contact (Please note this email is for CSD Spirit Squad-related inquiries only).