CSD is honoured to be a part of an annual charity dance show known as Dancers Give Back (DGB), which brings dance studios across all of Ottawa together to raise awareness about mental health and give back to charities in need! In 2019, DGB raised $55,000 for the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa, and in 2020, DGB raised $60,000 in support of the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre!

The Full-Time Competitive senior students participate in multiple rehearsals leading up to the charity show to polish a routine that they will perform at DGB. Dance studios across Ottawa all prepare one dance routine that’s ready for the stage and come together to create one big live dance event held at Algonquin Commons Theatre! DGB performs a matinee and evening show, which anyone can attend to show support for the charities in need! Every year, DGB also provides an evening workshop for dance students in the Ottawa area to raise money for the cause and give dancers an educational and artistic experience outside of their dance studios. Each year DGB brings in guest teachers to provide classes for dancers to take, so they are always learning from new artists.

Dancers Give Back creates an inclusive environment within our own dance studios and the Ottawa dance community. CSD is proud to offer this experience to our dancers! We always inform our families when tickets become available and encourage everyone to show as much support as possible!

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