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CSD’s Recreational Program is perfect for students who want to learn how to dance and improve their skills in a fun, educational, and non-competitive environment. Over the year, dancers will work with their teachers and peers to grow as a class and progress their dance techniques together while also being given individual attention and direction. Our recreational classes are taught by qualified, experienced, and passionate teachers committed to maintaining professionalism in their classroom and sharing their love of dance with their students.

Our Recreational Program offers various options for the different dance interests students may have, including classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Acro. For more in-depth explanations on each style of dance, please see our Classes page.

NOTE: The only class that we offer recreationally that is not always organized by age is Acro. Due to the nature of acrobatics, we have some level-based classes and some age-based classes. Below is the breakdown of our Acro levels:


All Recreational Program class options are highlighted in mint green in our Class Schedule. We divide our recreational classes by age and discipline, and we invite and encourage all recreational dancers to participate in as many different classes in their age ranges as possible. Once you have chosen the classes you would like to register for, please click on the button below to fill out our online registration form. Before registering, please read our cancellation policy.


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Have any questions? Looking for recommendations or guidance on classes? Send us an email to book a consultation and we will ensure your child is placed in the appropriate class(es):

Students will learn the fundamentals of Acro, including skills such as forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, and bridges. At this level, building up strength, flexibility and the teaching of proper alignment is prioritized to prepare dancers for more advanced tricks later on.

Students must already consistently perform a clean handstand, cartwheel, and bridge for this class. Strength and flexibility exercises get more challenging in Acro 2, and students begin to expand on their basic Acro foundation. Examples of skills that are worked on in this level are front and back walkovers, hand balancing drills, and one-handed cartwheels.

Students must be comfortable performing either the front or back walkovers, confidently hold a handstand against a wall for at least 30 seconds, and perform several cartwheel variations. At this level, students are working on more advanced limbering and balancing. Tumbling also gets more advanced in Acro 3, with dancers working towards aerials and handsprings.

At this level, dancers must show exemplary strength and flexibility, be comfortable performing several walkover variations (front and back), hold a controlled handstand and be comfortable doing either side aerials or back handsprings. At this level, dancers work at an advanced level of limbering, balancing and tumbling and connecting advanced skills in a sequence.

This class is for Pre-Teen Acro dancers with little or some experience. In this class, dancers will learn foundational Acro skills and work both together and at their own pace to develop strength, flexibility, and various Acro tricks.

This class is for teenagers who want to learn Acro and build on the skills they have already learned in a positive and encouraging environment with other teenagers. In this class, dancers work on the fundamentals of Acro but are given many options for their training. They are encouraged to work at an appropriate pace for their skill set.

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