First Steps Program Classes:

  • Pre-School Ballet – ages 3-4 years (Preschool)
  • Pre-Ballet – ages 4-5 years (Junior Kindergarten)
  • Combo (Ballet and Tap) – ages 3-4 years (Preschool/Junior Kindergarten)
  • JAB (Jazz, Acro and Ballet) – ages 3-4 years (Preschool/Junior Kindergarten)

As an introduction to dance for girls and boys ages 3-5 years old, this program promotes a natural sense of movement, begins to explore strength and flexibility, and helps your child to develop a sense of musicality. With instruction on basic dance technique, we offer a Ballet class, a ‘Combo’ class which combines Ballet and Tap, and a ‘JAB’ class which combines Jazz, Acro and Ballet. Children will explore movement through age-appropriate rhyming songs and stories, and use their imaginations to begin developing their dance technique. Their love of dance will blossom in a happy and fun environment!

This is a fully recreational dance program, after which dancers will either continue into our Recreational Program or be invited onto the AA tier of our Full-Time Competitive Team (our Part-Time Competitive Team only begins at age 7). We encourage you to register your Preschool child for 1-2 classes per week, and your Junior Kindergarten child for at least 2 classes per week. This will best prepare them for a more committed dance training program as they get older.

Canadian School Of Dance For more in-depth explanations of the specific styles and classes included in our First Steps Program, visit our Classes page.

To view the full class schedule, click here. Before registering, please read our cancellation policy.

If you are either a CSD student or a newcomer interested in joining our First Steps program, please send us an email at expressing your interest and will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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