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Hip Hop dance is a versatile style of dance that often encompasses movements with punch and style. It is deeply influenced by elements of Hip Hop culture, including DJing, rapping, and breakdancing. The use of rhythmic heavy beats and rap music is used to encourage students to loosen up and express their inner selves! Hitting accents with force and abandonment makes for a great physical workout while having fun!

NOTE: There are BOYS ONLY hip hop classes available pending interest.


Hip-hop dance emerged in the 1970s as a dynamic and expressive art form developed by African-American and Latino groups. It encompasses a diverse range of styles, including popping, locking, breaking, and freestyle movements.

The essence of hip-hop music and culture strongly influences this vibrant dance form, drawing inspiration from its beats, lyrics, and overall attitude.

What truly distinguishes hip-hop dance is its unwavering celebration of individuality and limitless creativity. Dancers have the liberty to craft their own unique style, infusing their movements with personal charisma and intuitive improvisation.

Beyond its thrilling performances, hip-hop dance serves as a powerful medium for self-expression, storytelling, and fostering community unity.

By showcasing raw talent, facilitating cultural exchange, and leaving an indelible imprint on global popular culture, hip-hop dance captivates audiences worldwide. Its rhythmic brilliance continues to embrace diversity and ignite fervor for movement and music.

At CSD Hip-Hop Dance classes in Ottawa, we specialize in a variety of different popular dance styles including breaking, popping, waacking, and locking. We also offer freestyle sessions and choreographed routines.

No prior experience is necessary! At CSD Hip-Hop Dance classes in Ottawa are designed for all levels, ranging from absolute beginners to experienced dancers. contact us now for registration.

At CSD our Hip-Hop Dance classes in Ottawa are open to all ages! We have classes tailored for kids and teens, as well as adult classes. Contact us now to book your class and embark on an exciting hip-hop dance journey.

No, there is no official dress code for our Hip-Hop Dance classes. However, we recommend wearing comfortable and flexible clothing that does not restrict movement

Yes, we host a variety of competitions and events throughout the year! We also have an annual performance showcase. Please check our website for updates on upcoming events.

Yes, we do offer Boys Only Hip Hop classes depending on interest. Please contact us for more information!

No, you do not need any special equipment or props for class. However, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes to maximize your comfort during class.

Our Hip-Hop Dance classes in Ottawa are open to all ages! We have different levels to accommodate everyone from beginners to advanced dancers.

In these classes, you can expect to learn various hip-hop dance styles, including popping, locking, breaking, and choreography. The classes focus on teaching proper technique, musicality, and performance skills, allowing you to improve your dance abilities while having a great time.

To enroll in the  Hip-hop Dance Classes Ottawa, you can visit CSD’s website or contact our studio directly. We’ll provide class info, fees, and registration details. Contact us for all the necessary information.

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