Summer Recreational Classes

For every Student who loves to move, groove, learn, and have fun!

CSD’s Summer Recreational Program, which runs from July 5th to August 11th, 2022, is perfect for students, ages 3+, who want to learn how to dance and improve their skills in a fun, educational, and non-competitive environment.

Our Summer Recreational Program offers various options for the different dance interests students may have, including beginner-friendly classes in Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Tap, Hip Hop, Character Dance, and Jazz Funk!

For more in-depth explanations on each style of dance, please see our Classes page.


All Summer Recreational Program class options are listed on the CSD Summer Classes tab of our Class Schedule. We divide our recreational classes by age and discipline, and we invite and encourage all recreational dancers to participate in as many different classes in their age ranges as possible. Remember, the more classes you sign up for, the more you save! Most levels have the option of 2 to 3 classes per evening, running back-to-back.

Prices are based on the length of the class and the number of classes you are taking. The pricing is for 6 classes.

Length of class

45-minute classes      60-minute classes

$105    1 Class            $120  1 Class
$185    2 Classes        $200  2  Classes
$235    3 Classes        $250  3  Classes
$320    4 Classes        $345  4  Classes
$390    5  Classes       $420  5  Classes
$495    6 Classes        $520  6  Classes




If you have questions or concerns before registering, send us an email to book a consultation: can also review our FAQs here.