Summer Convention

Each summer CSD offers an amazing opportunity for a community of dancers, teachers, guest artists and choreographers. This group comes together to share, learn, and experience dance on a uniquely intense and collaborative level.

The CSD Summer Convention is open to all dancers who wish to participate in a program focused on incredible work ethic, skill, progress, and artistic growth.

The program includes daily ballet, jazz, tap, and lyrical classes as well as a more diverse array of styles and the opportunity to learn with some of North America’s most amazing and accomplished dancers, teachers, and choreographers.

The goal of the CSD convention is to see each dancer strive towards his/her full artistic potential while strengthening their technical base and their passion for dance.

The CSD Summer Convention will be held in August. More information is available by contacting the CSD office:



* Please fill out the registration form and return it to the CSD office.