Summer Zoom Classes

CSD’s priority is to keep all dancers safe during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. In place of regular Summer Classes, CSD is offering Recreational Summer Zoom Dance Classes to keep dancers moving while at home! These virtual classes combine our regular dance format with a fun camplike feel. To help give parents a few extra breaks in their week, we are offering bundle pricing when you sign-up for multiple classes!

For ages 3-11+, zoom dance classes run from July 6 to July 31, 2020. The ages are a guideline, so please don’t hesitate to contact the office with any further inquiries.



AGES 3-6:

JAZZ & TAP 10:00-10:55 AM
LYRICAL11:00-11:55 AM

AGES 7-10:

TAP12:00-12:55 PM

AGES 11+:

LYRICAL2:30-3:25 PM
TAP3:30-4:25 PM


AGES 3-6:

LET’S GET LOUD10:00-10:55 AM
HIP HOP11:00-11:55 AM

AGES 7-10:

HIP HOP12:00-12:55 PM
LYRICAL1:00-1:55 PM

AGES 11+:

HIP HOP2:30-3:25 PM
JAZZ3:30-4:25 PM


AGES 3-6:

ACRO & JAZZ11:00-11:55 AM

AGES 7-10:

POWER HOUSE12:00-12:55 PM
ACRO & JAZZ1:00-1:55 PM

AGES 11+:

ACRO3:30-4:25 PM

JAZZ: This class is designed to channel your child’s spunk! In this class, your child will learn brand new moves and advance in their jazz technique. Best part? They will also be able to let out those sassy faces, giggles and happy faces!

TAP: Tap is for anyone that loves to stomp their feet! A mixture of sound and dance, this class will teach your child new techniques! Whether your child is brand new or has tapped for years, this class will be the perfect outlet for them!

LYRICAL: If your child dances to every song they hear, twirls around and shows their expressions while doing so, this class is exactly what they need! In Lyrical, we learn how to express ourselves and tell a story through dance!

HIP HOP: This class is for anyone that has loads of energy! Whether your child likes to run around, jump on furniture or make a mess, this class will get those sillies out! High energy with a focus on rhythm-based movement, grab your child’s shoes, and we’ll see you on zoom!

ACRO: What’s more fun than going to the park? Acro! Your child will learn new tricks, tumble around and practice their balancing while under safe guidelines of our acro certified teacher, Ms. Rachel!

SUPERHERO TRAINING: What makes a superhero? Strength, flexibility, balance and power! In our brand new Superhero Training class, your child will learn everything they need to know about becoming a superhero, all while working on exercises designed for their age group!

POWER HOUR: The next step up from Superhero Training! In this class, your child will advance in their stretch and strength exercises, creating a well-rounded facility to take on any style of dance!

LET’S GET LOUD: This brand new class is a basic introduction to dance that allows your child to have fun and let their energy out! Using household items, your child will learn new moves while making noise!

RHYTHM HEAVEN: A step up from Let’s Get Loud, Rhythm Heaven takes those movements and noises and turns them into music! In this class, your child will learn how to count and create rhythm, helping them in all styles of dance.


The more classes you sign up for, the more you save. All ages have two 55-minute class options per day, running back to back on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That’s a total of 6 classes a week per age group!

All 6 classes for 4 weeks: $272*
5 Classes for 4 weeks: $248*
4 Classes for 4 weeks: $216*
3 Classes for 4 weeks: $162*
2 Classes for 4 weeks: $110*
1 Class for 4 weeks: $60*

*All pricing includes HST.

Registration is NOW OPEN!


For more information, contact us:
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