Competitive Team

CSD’s Competitive Program is designed for students who display exemplary technique and above average development potential. This process will not only further your child’s dance technique and abilities, but will also help to develop them as confident performers.

Our teachers and choreographers are constantly assessing each dancer’s progress and promotion into the competitive program is by invitation, based on each child’s performance, potential, and commitment. We train for the opportunity to compete. We compete for the opportunity to challenge the best of the best. Therefore, each member of the team is equally responsible to uphold their commitment.

CSD achievements are enviable as many of our dancers hold individual titles and groups hold overall awards at Regional and National levels, and our choreographers have numerous accolades to their credit. 


CSD’s Full-Time Competitive Team generally participates in three or four competitive events each year. As a member of the Full-Time Competitive Team, you must commit to attend all identified competitions.


For those who want to dance competitively, but cannot commit to the requirements of the Full-Time Competitive team, CSD offers a Part-Time Competitive Team.


How many hours per week are involved in Part-Time Competitive training?
Part-time competitive dancers must train 3-6 hours per week.
Hip Hop only dancers will have a program geared to their requirements.

How many competitions does the Part-Time Competitive Team attend per season?
Currently the Part-Time Competitive Team attends two local competitions per season.

How far does the Part-Time Competitive Team travel for competition?
Brockville is the furthest competition that the Part-Time Competitive Team travels to.

How many classes do dancers have to take to join the Part-Time Competitive Team?
Part-Time Competitive dancers must take a ballet class and at least one other form of dance.
Hip Hop ONLY dancers will NOT have to attend the part-time ballet class

When can dancers join the Part-Time Competitive Team?
Dancers can audition for the Part-Time Competitive Team between the ages of 7 – 18 years (Grade 12 inclusive).

What are the differences between the Part-Time and Full-Time Competitive Team?
The Part-Time Competitive dancers must dance 3-6 hours per week which includes a ballet class.
The Full-Time Competitive dancers must dance approximately 12 hours per week which includes a full program of classes as well as optional programs.

Are there any additional requirements for part-time competitive dancers?
Part-Time Competitive dancers are expected to participate in a mandatory 1 week of our Summer Dance Convention in August.


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