Dress Rehearsal – Thank You!

What a weekend! I have been digesting it all since we started on Saturday afternoon. There is just so much there. I am filled with pride and humbled by these dancers. Some 5 years old and others 18 and then everything in-between. We laughed and we cried, we cheered and we sat silently. Taking in the movement, and being carried on an emotional ride with the dancers. I was fascinated the see the reaction of the audience and to watch the dancers respond to that energy. At times the dancers are lifted into that energy and at other times they need to work very hard to pull it up … which is exactly why this rehearsal was so critical.

Thank you for your help and patience as we worked through some costume issues and prop placements.

To our seamstresses, a huge thanks for stepping up and getting things done. We are very grateful.

To the teachers/choreographers, you have outdone yourselves once again. The rehearsals, the costume designs, the details and music edits, the rhinestones and hair styles, the burned CDs and your endless dedication … all with a smile and such positive energy. I love you all. Thank you.

CSD family love