COVID-19 Update – Returning To The Studio

To our valued CSD Family,

In preparation for our in-studio summer convention and the upcoming regular season, we’d like to take this opportunity to provide more details on the steps that CSD will be taking and give you and your dancer a better understanding of how these new protocols will take effect. We are following the requirements mandated by the Ottawa Public Health guidelines, as well as incorporating practices other dance studios have implemented. These protocols are put in place to ensure the safety of our students and staff as we continue to work through COVID-19.


  • Fill out the screening/understanding form which must be completed by August 10th; before your dancer will be allowed to enter our building. Find it here.
  • We will be staggering studio entrance and exiting.  An email will be sent a few days before Day 1 of the convention with your dancer’s studio entry and departure times, which location, and which studio they will be in for the duration of the convention. Call time = entrance to the building, Departure = exiting the building. For example; Ruth Program E Call time 8:50 am, Greenbank Studio 2/3, Departure 4:05 pm.


  • Please arrive within your dancer’s call time.
  • Please lineup outside of the studio with a mask on, standing on our 6-foot markers.
  • Wait until a teacher allows your dancer to enter the building 1 by 1. Only students and teachers will be permitted in the building. Dancers will be directed to follow the floor markings.
  • Remove shoes upon entry in the assigned space or take to barre space if needed for hip hop.
  • Sanitize hands on the way in with our provided hand sanitizers.


  • Each dancer will be assigned a taped off box and a section of the barre that will remain theirs for the duration of the convention. Once the dancer is in their box, they can remove their mask and put it in a Ziploc bag in their bag/backpack. Attached to each personal section of the barre will be a hook to hang their backpack/bag off of the floor.

CLASS (Greenbank & Larkin: All Levels)

  • In the studio, we have mapped out 6-foot squares for your dancer.
  • Each dancer will be assigned to 1 square for the entire day.
  • We have also mapped out 6-foot spaces at the barre, each dancer will be assigned 1 space for the week.
  • Once dancers are in the studio and directed by a teacher; they may hang their belongings on hooks provided at their barre space. Dancers will remove their mask and put it into a Ziploc bag (Ziploc bags will not be provided), and placed in their bag.
  • Dancers will stay in the same studio for the whole week, and only teachers will be able to move between studios.
  • Teachers will be mindful of our limited space in their teaching and choreographing while practicing social distancing, across the floor work will be possible.
  • Ballet: Dancers are not required to be in our ballet dress code, this is to avoid having to use the washrooms to change. Instead, tight fitted clothing will be accepted for the convention week. Please do not wear baggy shorts.


  • Dancers can use the washrooms as usual. They will be required to use the hand sanitizer before using the washroom, wash their hands for 20 secs, and use the sanitizer again before going back to their square.
  • Dancers must wear their masks on the way to the washroom, in the washroom, and on the way back to their studio space.
  • Dancers MUST wash hands for at least 20 seconds before returning into the studio space (Happy Birthday song is 20 seconds! Not the fast version…).
  • Only 1 dancer will be permitted in the washroom at a time.


  • Dancers will eat within their assigned squares. Dancers will be required to bring a placemat for eating so food is protected from the floor.
  • Dancers will not be allowed to leave the building to buy their food, everything they need for the day must be packed.
  • Once dancers are done eating or if they have touched their phone, they must sanitize their hands afterwards.


  • Parents will arrive in their designated pickup times according to their dancer’s level (this will be sent out to you).
  • Parents will line up on the 6-foot markers outside of the studio while wearing their masks, or remain in their car pending age of the dancer.
  • Dancers will collect their belongings and wait in their square with their mask at the ready.
  • Dancers will be sent out 1 by 1 according to the parent at the front of the line.
  • Once the dancer is called, they will put on their mask before exiting the studio.


In addition to regular cleaning routines:

During the day

  • Cleaning/disinfecting will be done throughout the day, whenever possible, during breaks, lunches, and general downtimes for all high touch areas.

End of the day

  • Each studio floor, all bathrooms, barres and all surfaces/handles/doors will be cleaned and sanitized every night.

If you still have questions or concerns please contact Ruth at 613-825-0907 or send us an email at We’re thrilled to be back and hope to see you in August!

Canadian School of Dance is proud to be part of the Dance Safe community working with the government to create a safe dance space.