Acro comes to CSD

Canadian School of Dance has long been committed to excellence in all styles of dance. For more than 28 years, we have pushed boundaries and have challenged our dancers to explore and embrace their craft. Simply put, we are passionate about dance and, as a school, we look for opportunities to enrich the education and experience for each of our dancers.  That’s why we are thrilled to be taking another leap in that direction.

Acro (a.k.a. acro dance or acrobatic dance) is a cutting-edge style of dance that probably looks very familiar. Acro dance has gained popularity over the last while as international audiences and dancers alike become familiar with its presence at competitions, as well as on stage in productions like Cirque de Soleil. Acro combines unique choreography, classical dance, and distinctive acrobatic elements.

Beginning December 1st, Canadian School of Dance in Ottawa will add Acro to its curriculum, enhancing technique and adding flair to more familiar styles of dance. Our own Lauren Woods is now a fully certified Acro instructor and is looking forward to introducing this amazing discipline to our students.  The new classes are included on the complete class schedule here:…

Contact the Canadian School of Dance for more information about our Acro program and other dance programs available in Ottawa: | 613-825-0907 |