Boys Making Noise Classes Ottawa


Boys Making Noise is a pre-school and kinder dance class that is strictly for the boys! Here, young boys will practice physical literacy by learning large motor skills, such as galloping, marching, hopping, and balancing. They will also develop a basic understanding of rhythm, a skill that every dancer uses on a day-to-day basis. Participants will also learn social literacy such as recognizing and identifying their moods and emotions, managing their emotions, and learning to control their impulsive behavior by working as a group and waiting their turn. They will learn how to problem solve and learn how to engage in communication with their teacher and their fellow dancers. In this 45-minute class, young dancers will make friends and get all their sillies out, all while learning the fundamentals of dance. This class is great for kids who love to make noise, in a safe, educational, and super fun environment!

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