The School

Since 1986 the Canadian School of Dance and its co-founders and co-directors, Fran Coyle (A.R.A.D., T.D., A.I.S.T.D.) and Monica Adjeleian (A.R.A.D., Honours I.S.T.D.) have prided themselves on maintaining the highest of standards of dance, teaching proper dance technique based on an established and renowned syllabus structure.

In a supportive and encouraging environment, the CSD studio encourages excellence for students in both the recreational dance and pre-professional dance programs. CSD has earned a reputation not only for excellence as a place for learning – and sharing – the art of dance, but also for its safe and warm environment built on a philosophy to inspire the artist in each and every child, regardless of their age and ability.

The Canadian School of Dance offers programs in diverse dance disciplines and commitment level. We currently offer three program levels, each of which include a variety of dance types:

The First Steps for the junior student includes 1 to 2 classes per week in the pre-school, pre-ballet, and pre-junior levels.

The Foundations Program includes 1 to 4 hours of training and dance per week and can include any or all disciplines of dance.

The Intensive Study Program is generally 5 to 12 hours of training per week and requires the highest level of commitment from dancers and their families. Children need to be assessed before gaining admittance to the Intensive program which generally includes ballet, jazz, and tap. Dancers in the Intensive program typically also participate in the CSD Competitive program.

The intensity of each program will vary from one or two classes to several classroom hours per week. Regardless of program or level, each student is addressed with the same professionalism and support. Our primary goal is to foster the love and artistry of dance. Your child will grow in self-confidence, discipline of mind and body, muscular co-ordination, natural rhythm, all while developing the ability to work with their peers in a group setting.